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​Health Insurance

Health Insurance is used to help people pay their medical bills.  Health insurance is divided into three areas.

Major Medical:  Can be provided by an employer or privately purchased.  Major Medical insurance varies extensively in

   a.  monthly premiums. 

   b.  deductibles.

   c.  co-pays.

   d.  coinsurance.

Medicare:  This is a federally funded medical insurance program that provides assistance for people over age 65 or Disabled.  Medicare part A and B together are designed to pay 80% of a beneficiaries medical costs.  There are various products available to assist Medicare beneficiaries control their costs.  Medicare is broken down into four parts.

​   Part A; Hospital Coverage

   Part B; Out patient Coverage

   Part C; Medicare Advantage or Private Medicare plans

​   Part D; Prescription drug coverage

​Supplemental:  This is the category for insurance like Dental and Vision insurance.  Disability, Cancer, and Accident are other health insurance products that fall in this category.  These policies can be purchased privately or through an employer.

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